The Oaks Corners Fire Dept. has joined more than 23,000 other volunteer fire departments
across the country in the Power Those Who Protect Us battery donation program created by
Duracell, in partnership with the National Volunteer Fire Council. We’re joining forces to help
build greater awareness around the challenges volunteer firefighters face on a daily basis and
the need to help support them.

You may not be aware of this, but most fire departments in the U.S. are staffed by volunteer
firefighters who rely on approximately 20 percent of their funding to come from local
fundraising and donations. That percentage is much higher for our department. This donation
program lets consumers give back to local volunteer firefighters, like those in our station, who
devote countless hours of their free time to protecting our communities.

When you purchase specially marked CopperTop battery packs, Duracell will make a battery
donation to volunteer fire departments, like ours, to help power communication devices and life-
saving equipment. By going to, donations can also be earmarked
to fire departments in a specific zip code. The zip code for our fire department is
14518. Each
specially marked ten or twenty pack of batteries contain a unique code, which you can enter to
direct your battery donation to a volunteer fire department of your choice.

Our station use batteries for a variety of devices including flashlights, Self Contained Breathing
Apparatus, gas meters, and other life saving equipment. However, state funding is limited and
doesn’t provide enough support for us to purchase basic equipment needs, like batteries – so
we rely on money from local fundraising efforts and donations. Duracell created this program
as a way to bring light to the challenges we face due to inadequate funding – such as difficulty
being able to provide routine testing of equipment and active systems, proper training and
certification of firefighters, and regular school fire safety education for our children.

We’d appreciate your support in purchasing the specially marked packs of Duracell batteries
and spreading the word about our station’s participation in the Power Those Who Protect Us
donation program so everyone can help make a difference and purchase batteries to help
power the Oaks Corners Fire Department.
Help Make a Donation to the Oaks Corners Fire Dept. by
Purchasing Specially Marked Packages of Duracell Batteries.